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Live Your Story Presents:

21 Days To Write An


College App Essay




Does that phrase cause you to 

  • Panic, sweat, and/or have trouble breathing?

  • Hide under your bed?

  • Binge prestige TV to make yourself forget?

  • Yell "Hell, No!" at the top of your lungs?



It's friggin' difficult to jump in without a little -- or a lot of --  fear and avoidance.


Don't worry.

We've Got You.

Avoid the Cookie Cutter College App

Instead, show your grit, your passion, and your desire to deeply pursue your interests.

Break out of that Box

A few words from your guide:


Listen: Everyone should get the help they need.

Remember when all those parents paid bribes and lied for their kids to get into school (and some went to jail for it?) Not all parents are like that -- there are plenty out there that have great values, but let's be real... they've got the cash, so they pay thousands of dollars for a tutor to ethically help their kids with applications and the essays.

Deana Barone has been and is one of those tutors with a moral code. At the same time, she has wanted to offer her services to a broader base, especially those who might not afford her one-on-one fees. She realized the e-course was the perfect way to help those who might not have the access or the finances to afford a private tutor. Of course, if you do want her help one-on-one, she's available. But take this course first, and spend that hard-earned money for places you're stuck or a final read.

$99 course worth thousands

How does this e-course work?

Happy Elephant by Lineartestpilot

This online course is for you if:

  • You love making your own schedule-- you can view these at any time...
  • You are looking for a community of others going through the same experience...
  • You have access to a screen to view or a listening device to hear audio...
  • You have enough money to afford the course...
  • You are able to work on your own and stick to the course's deadlines.
Yes, please... the e-course!
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This online course is NOT for you if:

  • You need to work with someone one-on-one to get anything done.
  • You don't have the money (though look above at options.)
  • You don't actually want to go to college (tell your family as soon as possible!)
  • You already have a tutor you trust and have worked with before.
I'd like one-on-one coaching instead

Creativity with Purpose

AKA Your College App Essay

  • IF you want a step-by-step and clear method for the college app essay madness,

  • IF you want to move beyond your panic and procrastination, overcome your internal obstacles, and fully commit to the process,
  • IF you want a compelling program taught by an accomplished, dynamic, and straight-shooting tutor,

  • IF you want powerful video tutorials, interactive worksheets, weekly live Q & As, and a free subscription to an online community, and

  • IF you want to create an essay that sounds like you, reflects your PASSION(S), and ELECTRIFIES,

THEN, here is what you also want:



You'll be guided by Deana Barone, who has helped applicants like you get into college for the last decade and a half.

Since it's brand-new, if you are one of the first 50 to purchase, you'll be in the beta group... and will pay half the price at $49.50!

Talita Von Furstenberg

College Student, Designer, Philanthropist

“Deana Barone is truly the best tutor I have ever worked with by miles... She helped me every step of the way with my college applications. My essays even became fun because I was writing about things I was passionate about, in my own words... And -- I got into all my top choices!...I love love love working with Deana on anything creative...She helps make ideas become reality! Her speciality is storytelling and captivating an audience.”

Tassilo Von Furstenberg

Entering College Student, Entrepreneur

"I don’t know what I would’ve done without Deana Barone... The essays were completely overwhelming at first, and I was procrastinating everything, but Deana helped me plan and organize getting them done. Then she helped me figure out what I actually cared about so I could write about stuff that reflected the true me...  with her guidance I created z portfolio that set me up for my first entrepreneurial plans. She also worked with me on my CV and made me see how much I’d accomplished! I got into my first choice college, and can’t wait to go."

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Crafted for Someone Like You.

21 Days to an Electrifying College Essay e-course


What You Get

  • Dynamic online course
  • Anxiety busters
  • Brainstorming exercises
  • Grammar, sentence structure and story structure pointers
  • Go at your own pace or meet set goals
  • Worksheets
  • Online community
  • Weekly Q & As
  • Access to whole course for one year (so, if covid or some other crisis necessitates another application next year, you'll still have access...)
  • VALUE OF $1800 







One-on-one add-ons for course participants

$129/hr or $69/half-hour


  • Special reduced rate
  • With your tutor, Deana Barone
  • Max of two hours add-on, & only in half-hour or hour increments
  • Only available to e-course participants who have not bought the packages to the right.
  • Great for when you're stuck: brainstorming, first draft, final edit.
  • Zoom for chats or Google Docs for essay editing/comments. Alternatives possible.
  • Value of $250/hr



One-on-one coaching packages



  • E-course and online community included in both packages
  • Five-Session package: Buy 5 hours of time with Deana for $999 plus course ($1349 value)
  • Total common app package ($3000): Help on everything on common application, plus up to three supplemental essays-- holding your hand through the whole process (virtually). Limit of 20 hours ($5099 value).
  • Single hours beyond any of this are at the rate of $250 an hour.






Looking forward to collaborating with you!