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was conceived in the early days of the coronavirus marathon. Sick with Covid, mourning personal loss, and suddenly isolated from my usual life, I looked at my beautiful toddler and thought, "I've gotta reinvent. Again!" We all know what the following months brought us: Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, decimating fires, displacement, economic hardship, and, with the BLM movement at the forefront, a renewed sense of what justice means and how we, as a society, must commit to our deepest values, speaking up so that we and the people around us can live our most expressed and fulfilled lives.



We are born 

with a life purpose which drives our life choices, even when we aren't aware of it. Sometimes our fear of fulfilling that purpose misleads us. That's okay. That's the journey. The key is figuring out HOW and WHAT so that we can be our truest selves -- while still paying the rent, fulfilling our goals, and being part of a community.

We, each of us, are given gifts, by the universe or a divine force, (or maybe just randomly?), that, if used, provide a strong sense of fulfillment. Of calm. Of presence. Whether you believe in all that or not, most of us know that when we are involved in things that have personal meaning, we are kinder, more patient, and more loving. Envy and fear melt away. Keeping up with those Joneses is not an issue. Compassion becomes easy.


Deana Barone

has always loved exploring creative potential, helping to heighten it in others and herself, while also supporting clarity,  focus, and productivity. She is a Creativity, Communication, and Educational coach. She also works as a Certified Life and Spiritual Coach, Meditation teacher, as well as a Reiki, Chakra Healing & EFT Practitioner. She continues to act professionally, and has starred in Off-Broadway & regional plays, pilots, and indie films. She has had roles in commercials, TV and as a voiceover actor. She is a produced playwright and storyteller, directs plays & solo shows, and curated "The Trunk Show" for three years. Currently, she is working on a novel and children's books. She recently converted her tutoring business into a college app consulting service. 

New motherhood has further expanded her mind and heart, instigating brain- and heart-storms around how to raise a child to be a loving, gentle and generative being who is in touch with its full humanity -- the animal and divine unified as one.



"Deana Barone is an alchemist. She not only has but gives to you the tools to spin tales of deep authenticity that change your life on some mysterious level... You can not help but return because there is joy in discovery and true growth."

-Joanna Folino 
Film & Literature Professor, Playwright, Filmmaker 
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