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Sometimes we need support & structure to help us achieve our goals, and, even more importantly, to help us define the kind of lives we want to live. Life purpose can be a scary concept, but it is also the driving force for meaning and fulfillment.


Yes to life and/or spiritual coaching!
“Deana is an absolutely brilliant coach. I don’t know what I would have done these past months without her support!"
Mike Loretto
Life & Spiritual Coach, Musician, Sound Engineer
"Deana Barone... helped me get past whatever was blocking me... to find the very ESSENCE of what I needed to say. That is a potent thing. I empowered myself... and that was precisely her intent: help me create tools for my own success."
Michael Duggan
Author, Storyteller, Former Director of the Los Angeles Storytelling Festival
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communication coaching & consultation


They tell you... must be "born with it" -- charisma or writing ability or speaking skill -- to do it well.
That's a load of crap.
Every single speaking and writing skill can be worked and practiced and improved, especially when you figure out what makes you passionate about the subject at hand. You may never be an MLK level writer or orator (or maybe you will!), but you can still affect others with your passion, your point of view, and your vision. Verbal & written communication (along with actions, of course) are the basis by which we, as humans, can influence each other and our environment for the good.


Research shows that people are moved by STORY -- the most effective way to communicate.

Yes! To Communication Coaching
Yes! To College App Coaching

Deana has worked with DirecTV innovators, small business owners, job seekers, and salary negotiators. She has also helped college applicants for more than a decade to submit applications that reflect their true passion and authentic voice.

"Deana has a wonderful way of bringing clarity to a situation, evoking one's own strength of expression. She helped me with simple strategies to achieve my goals and intended outcome."
Lisa Lewis
Art Director
"When I had an idea for two new businesses, Deana coached me to create actionable, manageable goals  — and kept me on track, making me feel like I had the support I needed. She’s a great find... I always feel energized after talking to her!"
Tara Taylor
Flight Attendant, Travel with Tara
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Coaching in the Arts

  • Audition and Acting Coaching
  • Storytelling Classes
  • Solo Show Development, Direction & Dramaturgy
  • Storytelling Show Production
Please visit Deana Barone's personal website and her entertainment-based TheTellTale Company for more information. 
If you've seen her work and would like to get started, click below and fill out the form.


Audition & Acting Coaching:

  • One hour live (including Deana's prep time): $150
  • 3-session package: $400
  • 6-session package: $799
  • If you've been out of acting work for 9 months, and/or are financially strapped, talk to Deana about a sliding scale.

Storytelling & Creative Play-shops:

  • Range from weekend intensives to 6, 8 or 10 week courses. 
  • If you have 4 people or more for a course (on Zoom, for now), contact Deana and discuss pricing.

Show Development, Dramaturgy and Direction:

Development & Dramaturgy are priced by the hour or package:

  • Hour: $150
  • 3 Session package: $425
  • 6 Session package: $799

Direction is bought as a package and has an extensive contract. Depending on what's needed, this can range from $3000-$10,000.

"Deana Barone is a wonderful acting coach who has helped me countless times. She coached me on multiple tv auditions that I’ve booked, as well as helped me prepare for a film, and gave great feedback on my standup sets...  She gives a lot, expects a lot, and pushes her students to do their best work. No doubt her skills in acting, writing and directing play a part in her being a great acting coach. And she’s nice to be around!"
Claire Titelman
Actress, Comedian, Chelsea Lately
"Deana is an extraordinary writer and performer. Her talents as a performing artist are breathtaking. She is also incredibly gifted at giving feedback, and has deep wisdom and insight into what make a piece work for the stage and the page.”
Ann Randolph
Award-winning solo artist, Story Guide, Mentor
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Deana Barone's centered, supportive calm is the bedrock upon which healing and transformative journeys can begin. And her guidance on meditations and mindfulness is the most relaxing and practical I’ve come across. Her ability to truly listen is nothing short of remarkable.

Michael Sorvino
Actor, Producer, Writer




Live Your Story